Laura Hogg
I would just like to say thank you so much to my instructor Chris steele for helping me pass my test this morning.. It has taken me a while and it hasn't come easy but without his advice and support I don't think I could've done it. I'm over the moon. Would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much.

Ebony Bucknall
First Time Pass
I passed 1st time with 2 minors after booking lessons with Chris. I was very pleased with my lessons and found Chris a friendly and helpful instructor. He challenges you to achieve your goals and helps you perfect your driving. I wouldn't have had the results I did without his teaching.

Conor Buttery
I was perviously with another driving instructor, and then switched to Chris Steele LDC and after 30 hours of driving lesson, he taught me everything I needed to know and I passed first time all thanks to Chris.

Railands Ra
I'd like to thank Chris again. Defiantly because of him i passed my test first time. No bad habits! All the good qualities. You can't say anything bad even if you wanted.

He has plenty of experience and tips to offer and extremely good teaching methods. So if You are looking for good Driving Instructor this page is not for You! BUT if You are looking for one of the best, Congratulations - You found him! Highly recommend!

Mick Holden
If you're looking for a calm informative and patient instructor Chris is your man. He made every effort to make sure I understood what I was doing and I felt confident doing it. This instilled confidence in my ability as I'm not a very confident person. I felt fully prepared for my test and Chris made sure I was ready in time. This allowed me to pass my driving test first time with three minor faults. Thanks again Chris

I passed first time with 4 minors after 7 months of lessons with Chris. He was friendly and taught me everything I needed to know whilst being understanding when I panicked about my driving but he was very reassuring. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for an instructor that does his job whilst in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lois Whitaker
Chris is an excellent driving instructor that I would recommend to anyone looking to start to drive. Chris allows the lessons to be enjoyable and he makes you feel confident when driving. Chris is a very friendly and calm which allows you to feel at ease with no pressure. If you make a mistake he calms you and takes you through each step on how to correct yourself. Highly recommend Chris, passed first time with only 4 minors.

Amy Geraghty
I passed first time with only 4 minors
I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is learning to drive. Chris was extremely easy to get a long with and helpful as even if I didn't understand anything he would go over it until I did. He set lessons to suit me for if I needed any extra practice and we practiced all the test routes which made me feel more confident. Although I was worried at first about the driving lessons, I did actually enjoy every minute with Chris. Chris was a great driving instructor.

Eleanor Preece
I passed my test on Thursday after having lessons with Chris since December 2013. Having lessons with Chris were fun and I looked forward to them instead of dreading them which I know other people do with other schools. The lessons were fun and I came out of every lesson having learnt something new and that's how I wanted it. I didn't want to have an environment where I felt like I was at college being told what to do all the time and being "told off" when doing something wrong which is why I loved my lessons so much, it was a relaxed atmosphere and I think that is crucial whilst learning a new skill like driving. Not only are Chris' teaching skills the best, I also find him a person you can get along with easily and that is also a big part of having lessons every week or so, I was always laughing and even when I was stressing out over stupid things he calmed me down and made me feel at ease. I have and I will continue to recommend Chris to everyone I know looking for a driving instructor. I cannot thank him enough.

Lucy Kitchen
I found your driving lessons very good and the way you taught was explained briliantly and easy to pick up.I was also constantly learning new things every lesson, you was also very supportive, positive, calm and helpful thankyou very much for you help and hard work much appriecitated.

Samantha Barker
Excellent driving instructor, Comfortable to drive with gives great tips. If you are looking for a good driving instructor look no further, Highly recommended, Past Test first time.

Faye Jackson
I passed my test first time after just under 3 months of driving! Chris is friendly, professional and also very patient. Everything is explained very thoroughly and if you don't understand something he will go through it with you until you have got it! I would highly recommend Chris as he is an excellent driving instructor!! Thank you I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

Chelsea Bradley
I am so thankful to Chris for taking me on after I'd had lessons with a previous instructor. After around 30 lessons with my first instructor and putting in for my test twice! I finally decided that it wasn't me! and that I needed a new instructor! Therefore a friend recommended Chris to me after they passed first time with him. Chris agreed to carry on from where I was with my training. After the first hour lesson with him, it became obvious to us both that my last instructor did not do very well so to speak.

Chris showed me popular and difficult test routes that I've never seen before! Both coming to a surprise and relief that I was no longer wasting money on a bad instructor. After around 7 hours with Chris he got me to test standard and passed first time with him!

The best thing about Chris is how calm, friendly and chatty he is, he makes you feel completely at ease and instead of saying you must do it a certain way, he suggests ways of how to do it easier which was a lot more motivating to listen to and to actually hear the common sense behind the road rules! I'm already recommending Chris to everyone I know and truly believe I would have never passed without him! He could pass even the worst of drivers! Thank you very much Chris for helping me through this tough milestone!

Aivars Ustinovs
Passed my test with confidence, all thanks to Chris. He creates very calm and professional atmosphere. Won't waste your time and money, very individual and focused approach. Teaches not just to drive, but to drive safely and with confidence. Thanks very much Chris!

Sara Willby
I completed a semi intensive course with Chris over 6 weeks which resulted in me passing my driving test with 7 minors. I felt very at ease learning to drive with Chris, he is a very patient instructor with a friendly, relaxed teaching style. The lessons were well structured which maximised the time spent in the car. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Josh Johnson
What a fantastic driving instructor Chris is. From the first lesson I was so enthusiastic and learnt so much from Chris as he explained every step of the way. I did a semi-intensive course and passed 1st Time with only 3 minors!!! What a great feeling. A big thank you to Chris and I will be recommending him to any of my friends who need a good reliable instructor.

Daniel Scarfe
I passed my test on the first attempt with only 5 minors and would like to thank chris for everything he did for me, when I first got in the car I was really nervous but through chris's professionalism and support those nerves soon vanished and I couldn't wait for the next lesson. Chris is not only an excellent instructor but an all round top bloke, he is open for discussion and support and will answer any question. It was one of the best experiences and its all down to chris. I would recommend chris to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive and already have my sister lined up. I will be forever grateful as its given me an extra option in life.

Stuart Arkley
I spent the week with Chris conducting a 10 hour intensive course which ended with me successfully passing my Driving Test today. I would recommend Chris as a Driving Instructor to anybody wanting a no nonsense approach to learning to drive. He simply teaches what needs to be learned and how to drive to a high safe standard. The Lesson formats are not intense and focus on what the pupil needs to work on and not which the pupil is comfortable with. Chris is an easy to talk to instructor which puts your mind at ease when taking lessons. Highly recommended its been a pleasure.

Jessica Adlingon
I was recommended by a friend to start learning to drive with Chris. I would like to thank him for his time and patience in teaching me to drive. I was very anxious about learning to drive and when I had my first lesson I had no confidence in myself but Chris really helped me to feel like I could do it. His professional but friendly attitude really helped me feel relaxed and gave me the ability to concentrate. I looked forward to every lesson and when I came to pass my test I was so pleased. Chris is a fantastic driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone. He always puts a smile on your face and if you're looking for a friendly and fun driving instructor then I would most definitely go with Chris. Thanks so much again Chris.

Anna Murgatroyd
My cousins, who each passed their tests first time with him, recommended Chris to me. Having only a one-month window of opportunity to learn how to drive and pass my test, I enrolled on a semi-intensive course. although learning in such an intensive environment, with two four-hour lessons every week, chris made learning to drive easy. After a nervous start, he helped me to settle into driving and learn the ways of the road.

I sat my test after only four weeks of driving, passing first time with only three minors. The help that Chris gave leading up to the test was second to none, making me confident on the road. I would recommend chris, especially if you want a dedicated teacher who puts 100% effort into every lesson.

Josh Goodall
I'd like to thank Chris for enabling me to pass my test the first time, he is friendly, honest, reliable, and patient above all as I suffer from Tourettes Syndrome, which can be quite the challenge for anyone to get used to.

Chris understood it completely, and had me driving with confidence in no time. There was no holding back, as soon as he thought I was ready he had me in for my test straight away.

I had no idea passing my test was going to happen so quick, as soon as chris introduced himself I was at ease, and when learning to drive, thats the main thing.

If you are unsure as to what to expect, or a little nervous, with Chris you can't go wrong at all.

Ashley Hunter
I would to acknowledge and thank Chris for his patience, encouragement and support he provided during my driving lessons through to my test date.

I was apprenhensive about the experience of learning to drive, but was soon assured by Chris' professionalism and under his direction began to recognise that it was not an impossible feat and that i was in capable hands.

Chris prepared me for my practical test; passing first time is a credit to him as an Instructor. Having now passed, not only do i feel that i can drive, but i have the confidence, skills and experience which mean i am safe and confident to do so, a true reflection of the work he has done. I believe Chris' teaching approach is one which anyone would benefit and learn from, his experience and knowledge is communicated clearly, patiently and appropriately.

I would recommend Chris as a Driving Instructor to anyone that wishes to receive a first class level of tuition. His techniques and guidance are delivered in a personable way, which make the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Anybody that wishes to learn to drive, starting at whatever standard i believe Chris would support to achieve their goal !

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